Useful local links

There are a number of websites that enable one to use the net to keep aware of local issues, and to make a difference.

Oxford Road Residents Forum
A site for the residents of Oxford Road, to share news, information and resources.
Nature on our doorstep.
Site gives news and info about the University's plans for the development of NW Cambridge. You can sign up to receive email alerts.
A site for reporting issues like broken paving slabs and fly tipping.
Sign up to receive emails about local planning applications.
A straightforward way to email your city councillors, county councillors, MP, and MEPs.
Sign up to receive emails about local policing issues (and to provide feedback to the local policing team).
Streetcar has cars parked in a few sites in Cambridge, the nearest is Park street car park. You can borrow one of the cars for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 6 months.They are reserved online or by phone, and can be collected and returned 24/7 using one of our high-tech smartcards.  There are also some vans if you need to move bulkier items. The cost of your usage is based on how long you have the car and how far you drive but unless you're a heavy car user, the annual cost of Streetcar will be dramatically less than owning a car and with lots of the hassle of car ownership removed. It is also possible that a nearer site for the shared car could be applied for.
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