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Constitution of the Richmond Road Residents’ Association


The name of the association is the Richmond Road Residents’ Association.


The Association aims to unite the residents of Richmond Road, Wentworth Road and Nursery Walk, and to create a safe and supportive community, encouraging a culture of respect and co-operation. It will seek to ensure that every resident’s voice is heard and that we work together to this end.


Membership shall be open to all residents aged 16 years and above, irrespective of tenure, in Richmond Road, Wentworth Road and Nursery Walk. Membership will cease as soon as a member moves out of the road. All members will have voting rights at any meeting of the Association.

The Committee:

a)           A committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to carry out the business of the Association.

b)           The committee shall be made up of a Chairman, Secretary, and between two and eight other members.

c)           The position of Chairman can only be held for a maximum of three years in a row.

d)           The committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (see below).  Nominations will require seconders and, in the event of more than one nomination, election shall be by a majority of those voting.

e)           The committee may co-opt further members to bring the total to ten. Co-opted members shall serve until the next AGM.

f)             The committee shall meet at least twice a year.

g)           No committee meeting shall take place if fewer than four members of the committee are present.


a)           All money raised by or on behalf of the Association is to be used only to further the aims of the Association.

b)           The committee have powers to raise funds on behalf of the Association.

c)           The committee shall open a bank account in the name of the Association.

d)           Cheque signatories will be nominated by the committee. There shall be at least three signatories.

e)           All cheques and instructions to the Association's bankers shall require two of the agreed signatures. These shall not be from the same household.

f)             The accounts shall be made available at the AGM and should be certified, audited or independently examined annually as appropriate.


General Public Meetings:

         a)     Meetings (including AGM) will be held at least twice a year to keep members informed of the Association’s activities.

b)     The secretary will notify all members of any general public meeting at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.

c)      All votes shall be decided by a simple majority of the members present and in the event of a tied vote the chairman shall have the casting vote.

 Special and Extraordinary Meetings:

        a)     Any member having the written support of 20 other members may request the Committee to call a special meeting         stating the purpose for which it is being called, and the Committee shall call that meeting usually within 21 days.

 b)     In the event of a significant issue arising which requires discussion and action before the next scheduled meeting of the Association, the Committee shall call an extraordinary meeting to discuss such matters, and the secretary shall give a reasonable period of notice to that effect as agreed by the Committee.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

        a)           There shall be an Annual General Meeting held every year at which the committee shall report on its work, present a                         statement of accounts and resign.

        b)           The AGM shall elect the officers and committee for the next year.

        c)           The AGM shall vote on recommendations and any amendments to the constitution.



        a)     The Association shall be non political and non discriminatory.

        b)     Members shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all meetings.

        c)     Members may be excluded from a meeting by the Chairman for breach of conduct.

d)     No General Meeting shall take place if fewer than 6 members are present.

e)      The secretary shall make available to members minutes of all meetings of the Association within 2 weeks of the relevant meeting. 

Changes to the constitution:

        a)           The constitution can only be altered at an AGM or at a special general meeting called for that purpose.

        b)           Any suggested changes to the constitution must be handed to the secretary 14 days before the AGM.

        c)           Changes to the constitution must be agreed by two thirds of the members present at the meeting.


        a)           The Association may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

        b)           A proposal to dissolve the Association shall take effect only if agreed by two thirds of the members present at the             meeting. 

        c)           Any assets (financial or otherwise) remaining after the payment of all debts and liabilities shall be disposed of in a                 manner agreed at that meeting.

        This constitution was adopted as the constitution of the Richmond Road Association at a public meeting held on the:

                  10th June 2009                                                                 

At               St Augustine’s Church, Richmond Road                        

Signed      _____________________________________________       (Chair)

Signed      _____________________________________________       (Secretary)